CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)

$699.00 Sale Save
CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)
CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)
CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)
CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)
CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)
CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)
CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)
CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)

CHOMPI (Limited Edition PINK)

$699.00 Sale Save

Once the Kickstarter has been fulfilled later this year, CHOMPI will be available for purchase here on our web-shop.

CHOMPI is a quirky, Chromatic Sampler and Tape Music Instrument made for Self-Expression Through Sound Design. With its one of a kind sampling engine, unique multi-effects and tape style looper, CHOMPI is ready for immediate FUN 🙂

  • This Limited Edition CHOMPI comes in our special CHOMPI PINK color-way
  • Additionally, this version of CHOMPI also comes with our luxury, custom made, Marshmallow Keycaps by Signature Plastics (made in USA) & the Rogan knobs (also made in USA) can also be swapped out for your favorite kinds of D-Shaft Encoder Knobs.
  • We've put special care into sourcing quality materials for this instrument, but we also love customizing our devices and thought you might too. The *Hot-Swap Enabled Mechanical Keyboard, allows users to customize not only the keycaps but the switches too.
  • CHOMPI Ships with authentic MX-Cherry Switches (Silent Reds) which can be pressed over 50million times before wearing out! But if you have a preferred gaming switch, you can Hot-Swap until your vibes are just right (*chefs kiss*)
  • CHOMPI is both portable & durable... which makes it the perfect musical companion to accompany you on your next adventure ⚡️

*Hot-swap keyboard is compatible with all MX Style (3 or 5 pin) Panel-Mount switches

⚡️ Flexible HARDWARE Platform

• Built on the powerful DAISY platform (by Electro-Smith) unlocking the possibility of unlimited future firmware updates

• Unique SCREENLESS WORKFLOW w/ RGB LED indicators & endless switching encoders for multi-page parameter controls

• Utilizes the widely popular MX Cherryswitches for its two octave keyboard(keycaps are infinitely customizable)

🤍 Quirky SAMPLING Engine

• Unique Sampling Workflow Encourges User Exploration

• 7 Voice Polyphony

• 14 Slots to Save/Recall Presets

• SAMPLE Playback Speed & Direction Controls

• SAMPLE Start & End Point Controls (w/ Additional Attack + Decay Envelope)

• Single Knob Multi-FX Section (Multi-Mode Filter, Lo-Fi Saturation, Granular Delay-Reverb, & More!)

📼 Sophisticated Tape-Style LOOPER

• One of a kind SOUND-ON-SOUND stereo looping engine

• Iconic transport knob provides control over: Manual Tape Scrubbing, Loop Playback Speed / Direction, as well as other additional easter eggs to be found by advanced users

🎛 Plays Nice With Others :)

• USB-C Power allows for maximum portability

• Built-In MICROPHONE (w/ High Gain Pre-Amp)

• Micro SD Card for Managing Samples

• 3.5mm Stereo Aux Input

• 3.5mm Stereo Line Output

• 3.5mm Headphone Output

• 3.5mm and/or USB-C Midi In & Out

CHOMPI is customizable!

We love customizing the look and feel of our devices and thought you might too. We put a lot of thought and care into the materials that come stock with CHOMPI, but can't wait to see what you do with yours.

How do you CHOMPI?
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Make it your own

  • Mechanical keyboard keysets let you swap for your favorite style!
  • Endless encoders give you the freedom to pop your unique encoder aesthetic.
  • We will be releasing some unique color-ways in the near future and the Modular Panel Enclosure is swappable on any CHOMPI model!