Kickstarter CHOMPI Limited Edition Pink Sampler

$599.00 USD Sale Save
Kickstarter CHOMPI Limited Edition Pink Sampler

Kickstarter CHOMPI Limited Edition Pink Sampler

$599.00 USD Sale Save

Once the Kickstarter has been fulfilled later this year, CHOMPI will be available for purchase here on our web-shop.

CHOMPI Limited Edition Sampler: $599 USD

Save $100 MSRP - Kickstarter Only Limited Edition
Price does not include VAT / Customs Fees

  • 1 x *Limited Edition* CHOMPI Sampler: PINK & GOLD Colorway 
  • Upgraded CHOMPI Marshmallow Keycap Set 

This Limited Edition batch of CHOMPI's contain the same high quality hardware components and run the exact same firmware as the standard units, with the key differences being a Limited Edition PINK enclosure, and a full set of upgraded Marshmallow Keycaps (which are made in the USA, and feel buttery smooth ;)


  • USB-C Cable
  • CHOMPI Quickstart Guide
  • Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity
  • Special Kickstarter Edition - Sample Pack (via download link)

*Available in most countries, input address to calculate shipping cost. VAT / Customs fees are not included in the Kickstarter pricing, and will be the responsibility of each customer upon receipt of their item.

⚡️ Flexible HARDWARE Platform

• Built on the powerful DAISY platform (by Electro-Smith) unlocking the possibility of unlimited future firmware updates

• Unique SCREENLESS WORKFLOW w/ RGB LED indicators & endless switching encoders for multi-page parameter controls

• Utilizes the widely popular MX Cherryswitches for its two octave keyboard(keycaps are infinitely customizable)

🤍 Quirky SAMPLING Engine

• Unique Sampling Workflow Encourges User Exploration

• 7 Voice Polyphony

• 14 Slots to Save/Recall Presets

• SAMPLE Playback Speed & Direction Controls

• SAMPLE Start & End Point Controls (w/ Additional Attack + Decay Envelope)

• Single Knob Multi-FX Section (Multi-Mode Filter, Lo-Fi Saturation, Granular Delay-Reverb, & More!)

📼 Sophisticated Tape-Style LOOPER

• One of a kind SOUND-ON-SOUND stereo looping engine

• Iconic transport knob provides control over: Manual Tape Scrubbing, Loop Playback Speed / Direction, as well as other additional easter eggs to be found by advanced users

🎛 Plays Nice With Others :)

• USB-C Power allows for maximum portability

• Built-In MICROPHONE (w/ High Gain Pre-Amp)

• Micro SD Card for Managing Samples

• 3.5mm Stereo Aux Input

• 3.5mm Stereo Line Output

• 3.5mm Headphone Output

• 3.5mm and/or USB-C Midi In & Out