When Your CHOMPI Arrives ⭐️

Getting Started with your CHOMPI ✨

Here are a couple important tips that should help you get up and CHOMP'N in no-time!

Step 01: Unboxing 📦

As with most things, the excitement begins with opening up the box ;)


  • 1x CHOMPI Sampler
  • 1x Quickstart Guide
  • 1x USB-C (type A to C) Charging Cable
  • 1x Classic CHOMPI Sticker
  • * Special Edition CHOMPI's may come with additional items 

STEP 02: Charge the Battery 🔋

Before your CHOMPI will power on, you will first need to connect it to a USB power source and start charging the built-in rechargeable battery. It might be a good idea on this initial charge to keep it plugged in for a couple hours to get a nice full first charge cycle. But feel free to play and charge CHOMPI at the same time ;)

Generally speaking, CHOMPI's internal battery should be fine to charge with most standard USB power sources that you would normally charge your phone or tablet with. That being said, we recommend using a dedicated USB power brick for optimal performance.

  • Minimum power brick spec for charging while unit is turned off = 5v @ 0.5A
  • Recommended USB Power Brick for full time operation and charging at the same time = 5v @ 2A (or higher)

Quick tip: Charging ⚡️

To confirm that your CHOMPI is indeed charging, there is a small Red LED 🔴 indicator light that shines near the inside of the USB-C port while the battery is charging. This Red glow will turn off when the battery has reached full charge.

Step 03: JamTime 🎹

Once you've plugged the USB-C cable into your CHOMPI and have everything charging up...the real fun can begin!

Flip ON the power switch & wait for the RAINBOW... now you're ready to CHOMP!

Here are a few helpful hints to get you started making sounds! Also, feel free to check out the QuickStart Guide included with your instrument for a basic rundown of CHOMPI's core functions.

Powering On CHOMPI:

1: To turn on the device, flip the power switch (located on the left side of the rear panel) towards the Lightning Bolt icon

2: Then wait a couple seconds for CHOMPI to fully boot up. Once the "Rainbow" LED animation  is complete, you're ready to CHOMP!

Audio Outputs:

To hear the sounds on your CHOMPI, connect to:

If you are planning to use CHOMPI by itself, we recommend plugging in a set of headphones to the "Headphone" jack on the right side of the unit.

This output will contain the master audio signal that is created by CHOMPI's engines, as well as the input monitor signal when you flip the mode switch up to sample new sounds.

If you are using CHOMPI with an external speaker (and/or mixer), we recommend using a 3.5mm stereo aux cable plugged into the "Master Output" jack. This jack is located on the rear/right side of the device (next to the micro SD card slot).

This output contains only the master signal (not the input monitor) so that feedback can be avoided when using the microphone for sampling. 

Quickstart Guide 🔍

In addition to the printed material that comes in the box, there's also a handy, simplified version of the Quickstart Guide on the bottom of every CHOMPI :)

Quick Tip: CHOMPI Mode 🤓

As you're getting to know CHOMPI's workflow, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the device will always boot-up in its default state (AKA: CHOMPI Mode). So if you get stuck, lost or can't seem to figure out what you just did... simply power cycle the instrument to "wipe the sketch clean" and return back to the safe and cozy CHOMPI Mode 😉

For more learning resources and guides, check out the RESOURCES page of our website.

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We can't wait to see what kinds of magic you all create with your CHOMPI's! If you want to share your creations, feel free to tag us on socials & use #CHOMPIjamz to share with the rest of the community!