Our Mission

Self-Expression Through Sound Design

Core Values






What is Chompi Club?

We care about making the world a better, more inclusive place. Our goal is to help people interact with sound design as a language - giving them tools and entry points to express themselves. As both a club and a business, we invite you to join us in crafting a culture of kindness, exploration, and playful expression.

We’re passionate about education. When you buy a CHOMPI, you'll also be helping us support education initiatives in both our local community & around the world. 5% of CHOMPI Club's profits will be dedicated to our education fund. This fund will be used for:

  • Charitable instrument donations
  • Hosting sound design workshops
  • As well as supporting future education ventures

Chompi Club is a brand ecosystem that opens the door to self expression through sound design

  • This club is designed to support curious creatives: Folks who are generally curious about various forms of artistic expression.
  • There’s no wrong way to CHOMPI. We love seeing how people customize their devices and all the amazing sounds they discover along the way. CHOMPI Club is a great platform for connecting and sharing your creations! Be sure to tag us in your CHOMPI adventures! #chompiclub
  • Plus, club members get exclusive deals, early access to product drops, & more...

Our Story

As electronic music enthusiasts, we set out to craft inclusive culture and empower new learners, making the world of sound design more accessible to a larger audience. What started out as a personal journey to explore a more experimental form of music, grew into a community program, an education initiative, and now more than 10 years later has evolved into a unique musical instrument platform.

Our CHOMPI sampler and this entire brand ecosystem is designed to be playful, exploratory, customizable, with a low barrier to entry... So that everyone can enjoy the magical language of sound design!

Meet our team

Behind the scenes

Our CHOMPI’s are built on the incredible Daisy platform by Electrosmith. Rest assured that every CHOMPI is assembled with love ♥ by our team... & with the help of our manufacturing partner: Electro-Distro we also provide quality assurance, and repair services so you can focus on what matters most: having fun with CHOMPI.

📍Built on the West Coast, USA

Photo Credit: Marcus Fischer / mapmap.ch

Coming to synth shops across the globe January 2024.
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