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• CHOMPI is built on the powerful Daisy platform (by Electro-Smith) unlocking easy firmware updates, and flexible programmability options. 

• Unique SCREENLESS WORKFLOW w/ RGB LED indicators & endless switching encoders for multi-page parameter controls

• Utilizes the widely popular MX Cherryswitches for its Hot-Swap enabled, two octave keyboard(switches & keycaps are infinitely customizable)

• Custom Panel Enclosure allows for limited edition colorways (artist series already in the works)

• Unique Sampling Workflow Encourages User Exploration

• 7 Voice Polyphony

• 6+ hours of Dynamic Sample Time

• 40 Slots to Save/Recall Presets

• SAMPLE Playback Speed & Direction Controls

• SAMPLE Start & End Point Controls (w/ Additional Attack + Decay Envelope)

• Single Knob Multi-FX Section (Multi-Mode Filter, Lo-Fi Saturation, Granular Delay-Reverb, & More!)

• One of a kind SOUND-ON-SOUND stereo looping engine

• Iconic transport knob provides control over: Manual Tape Scrubbing, Loop Playback Speed / Direction, as well as other additional easter eggs to be found by advanced users

• USB-C Power allows for maximum portability


• Micro SD Card for Managing Samples

• 3.5mm Stereo Aux Input

• 3.5mm Stereo Line Output

• 3.5mm Headphone Output

• 3.5mm and/or USB-C Midi In & Out

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We officially launched CHOMPI through a Kickstarter campaign on March 28th that ran through mid May.

We can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support that you have shown us these last couple of months. Now that the fundraising portion of our campaign is officially over, we're thrilled to dive head first into this next exciting chapter of CHOMPI Club!

The pre-order window for CHOMPI is now closed. After we’ve fulfilled all of the Kickstarter preorders later this year, we’ll be offering CHOMPI for sale here on our website. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates regarding the next batch of CHOMPIs. 🥳


2023 Timeline:

Our Kickstarter is live now!
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January 2023

Announcing Chompi Club!

Welcome! We're officially announcing Chompi Club and giving you peek into the enchanting CHOMPI journey ahead...

March 28 - May 16, 2023

Kickstarter Campaign

We kicked off the official launch of CHOMPI through a Kickstarter pre-order campaign and it was a smashing success!

Kickstarter Results ›

June - November 2023

Fulfill the Kickstarter

CHOMPI development will continue through the summer, with production starting soon after. Our goal is to fulfill the Kickstarter campaign orders by November 2023!

November - December 2023

Open the Online Shop!

After we've fulfilled all of our Kickstarter preorders, Chompi Club will be open for business baby! The online shop will open for regular orders and will feature some fun new accessories too.

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CHOMPI will not be available for purchase anywhere until later this year. If you see it "for sale" online through social media or a 3rd party website, beware: that is a scam.