Frequently Asked Questions

Once our Kickstarter orders are fulfilled later this year, we will open our web-shop here for regular orders (estimated to start shipping January 2024). Sign up for the newsletter to get the inside scoop on when the next batch of CHOMPI's will drop!

The classic Black / Gold model of CHOMPI will retail for $599 USD. It will be for sale here on and through select retailers in our Electro-Distro Dealer Network

We have seen an alarming number of scam sites and fake social media accounts accounts claiming to be selling CHOMPI at an extreme discount... these are NOT legitimate CHOMPI retailers. Those sites don't actually carry our instrument, but are instead attempting to scam people with our marketing content

CHOMPI will be made available for purchase January 2024, through authorized retailers in our global distribution network:

Once we get through this initial Kickstarter phase... we will slowly begin chatting with artists and content creators regarding potential collaboration starting in 2024. Stay tuned ;)

Once we fulfill all of our Kickstarter pre-orders, we will begin expanding the ever growing CHOMPI ecosystem. We don't want to give away too many secrets yet... but it's safe to say that this is only the beginning

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Our CHOMPI Club community is active on Instagram and Discord, where we regularly post updates! But if you aren't finding the info you need, feel free to reach out :)

Thanks in advance for reaching out! We will get back to you as soon as possible. Due to the current level of inquires and requests, we may not be be able to answer every question right away. Thanks for your patience! ❤︎: