Welcome to the Resource page, where you can find helpful tools to get you started on your CHOMPI journey! Keep checking back here as we continue to share additional resources, tutorials, sample packs, and more coming soon...


Getting Started

When Your CHOMPI Arrives ⭐️

Getting Started with your CHOMPI ✨ Here are a couple important tips that should help you get up and CHOMP'N in no-time!

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Checkout the freshly updated CHOMPI Guidebook (AKA user manual) to get you started on your CHOMPI journey! We will continue to update and refine this doc along with the firmware, so check back often for the latest version!

CHOMPI Guidebook V1.2 ➜

Every CHOMPI comes with a printed Quickstart Guide that has diagrams and quick reference points to the different engines, knobs and functions. Here is a digital copy of the guide :)

CHOMPI Quickstart Guide V1.1 ➜


Firmware Update Version 1.0.8

Released - Feb 15th, 2024

As we continue to refine the Flagship-Firmware, we will be posting updates both here on our website, as well as our Discord server. We've decided to share these updates in multiple smaller chunks so that everyone can have access to the latest features ASAP.

NOTE: CHOMPI uses its micro SD card to manage firmware updates.
There are step-by-step instructions as well as an updated user guide for the new firmware located in the root folder of the download link.

Download Firmware V1.0.8 ➜



Added VOLUME and PAN settings to pitch knob

  • The pitch knob now contains a second page that provides independent control over sample volume and pan for each save slot.

Added a new "options.json" file onto sd card for customizing user settings, midi channel I/O, etc...


  • Fixes bug where CUBBI slots will sometimes play the wrong sample.
  • Fix crashes on boot due to battery logfile
  • Tighten up looper envelope, improves issues with initial transients being cut off
  • Fix bugs with USB cable detection on insertion. This could cause the unit to freeze when USB cable was inserted.


Upcoming Features

  • Destructive copy/save mode - for "burning in" current sample settings into new save slot and/or looper
  • Add more global options for user configuration and customization

Future Fixes

  • Copying a sample from looper -> slot changes the volume
  • Infinite loop when using USB midi with both IO turned on
  • Fix bug causing occasional crashes when rapidly copying/saving slots

Later this year...

  • Integrated web app for seamless options file generation



These are the factory sample presets that come with every CHOMPI.

Need to reset your samples? Feel free to download!
p.s. Instructions for use and install are in the root folder. 🔎